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May 12, 2024

Following the current trend in book self-publishing, I’ve requested a review from Kirkus Indie on February 2024, paid the fee and waited on for the May 3 review due date. 3 days before the due date I’ve received an e-mail  message telling me the review was cancelled. No reasons were given for the cancellation, but I’ve received a full refund on April 30.  The message said “best wishes”.

Next, I contacted BlueInk Review and explained my situation before ordering a review from them, they looked over my manuscript and told me that unfortunately they did not have an appropriate reviewer at such time but they wished best luck to me.

Then, I requested a review from The US Review of Books which you could read on the Reviews page of this website. I’ve also requested a review from Midwest Book Review which is forthcoming in July.

Regarding the Book’s Editions
January, 2023

The self-publishing of The Genetic Universe epitomized what is likely to happen when someone has good ideas in metaphysics but is not affiliated with any university and lacks pertinent knowledge about designing, editing, publishing, marketing, and selling a written work. In 2015, I wrote a short book that I believed was basically well written, and I self-published it. At that time, I saw no problem in not having discussed the work with anyone; I approached a number of individuals (professors and students) but had no luck in getting anyone’s attention, so I decided to post it online for a limited time as a free e-book. I found out that posting a book online at no charge is a bad idea if you intend to sell it later, since the book started to appear in places I did not want it to appear.

I was later informed that most readers would not understand my book, as English is not my first language. When I finally got editing help, I saw there was a large gap between what a publishing house does with a book of such magnitude, and the basic fixing of grammatical errors performed by hired editors. The second edition was the first edition offered for sale. The first edition was simply retired.

October, 2023 Update

The second edition (book and glossary) had poor sales and is no longer available for purchase, as I am working on a revised edition to be published in May 20, 2024. If you purchased the second edition in e-book or print and show me a copy of the receipt, I will gladly send you a free copy of the revised edition (e-book or print, book or glossary) soon after it is available.